Friday, December 08, 2006

GWT Article Now Online

I'm happy to announce that Part One of my four part series on using Google Web Toolkit is now available at:

This part focuses on creating a GUI front-end using GWT. In case you wonder about the lead time on these things, it was originally written in August, and slightly updated right before it was published.

I think that the future part of the series will appear monthly. The next one is about using the Derby database as your back-end.

I'm pleased with how the article turned out, although I sort of wish I had taken the time to polish the look of the sample a bit -- that's one ugly Web 2.0 application. On the other hand, there's only a limited number of space available in this article (2000 words, and I was already over), and any graphical enhancement needs to be put in code and explained. So it's a tradeoff.

Hope you like it.